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The Hideaway - a digitally fabricated romantic getaway

This project was a great opportunity to experiment with digital fabrication to create striking design alongside efficient construction processes. The clients wished for something special yet easy to build themselves; a great brief! Progressing previous designs from Bayhous and other tiny homes by GreenTrace, the Hideaway employs a simple system to create a complex and interesting roof structure. There are only 2 digitally fabricated parts required; a spacer and a rafter. These are designed so that setting out is made easy with minimal measuring required, and so that fixing to the timber I-section ridge beams is east and methodical.

Another aspect of the brief was to ensure the building could be transported and that it could legally be considered as a caravan. This led to the roof being a stretchy canvas that could wrap the structure when in transit to be lifted and manipulated when on site to provide covered outdoor space and storage.

The build will commence soon and I intend to help out on the ground.

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