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GreenTrace Architect is a sustainable architecture practice founded in 2019 operating in the South-West of England and beyond. The practice has one overarching aim:

To create architecture that enables people and communities to thrive within the means of the planet.

Means of the planet:
Carbon Neutral, Circular Economy, One-Planet Living, Regeneration.

We aim to achieve this by:


  1. Providing a highly professional architectural service to a broad range of clients.

  2. Designing simple yet clever buildings. We get immense satisfaction from finding elegant, simple solutions to sustainable design that don’t cost the earth. There is beauty in simplicity as well as cost effectiveness.

  3. Educating people of the role architecture can play in tackling the climate crisis.

home architect Bristol extension conversion eco green sustainable design self build passive house

GreenTrace Architect is run by Josh Wood, a registered and RIBA Chartered Architect, Certified Passive House Designer, and Lecturer with over 18 years of experience in architecture.


Josh started his path into architecture with a mission to design and procure truly sustainable buildings. This led him to the University of the West of England (UWE) and the first course in the UK to combine environmental engineering with architecture with a focus on sustainable, passive design. Winning awards in this area, Josh went on to become part of sustainability teams at both large and small architectural practices in Bristol.


With a fondness for craftsmanship, Josh spent three years working for an up-and-coming practice designing contemporary oak framed houses. During this time, he has led many domestic projects smoothly from start to finish specialising in offering clients a comprehensive turnkey service.

Josh became a Certified Passive House Designer in October 2023, having successfully completed the design and submission process for Hazel Tree Passive House.

Josh tutors architecture at UWE, encouraging students to think holistically about their projects and to consider sustainability at the outset of the creative process. 

Josh has designed and built his own Tiny Home featured on George Clarkes Amazing Spaces and is currently building an very low impact eco home in Bristol made from natural materials.


He enjoys using his hands and hiking absurdly long distances in remote parts of the world!

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