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Our Self Build Eco-Home is featured on The Green Register

Updated: May 23, 2023

Me and my partner's self-build eco-home in Bristol was featured on the Green Register's 'Twilight Talk' this week. I gave a 1-hour presentation explaining:

  • the principles behind the design of our house,

  • the energy/carbon targets we are aiming for,

  • the storey of the planning and build phase so far,

  • how being the architect, builder and client has brought its own challenges and joys,

  • and the lessons learnt.

For those who missed the live talk, you can watch a recording of the video for free below.

The Green Register provides training and support to help the construction industry and homeowners reduce the impact of buildings on the environment; aiming to bring sustainable building practices to the fore across many aspects.

Our house is built on a small, somewhat challenging plot and has a number of sustainable features such as an air source heat pump, MVHR, solar panels and a construction system based on natural materials including a timber structure, blown cellulose insulation, external wood fibre and lime render. The system is low-carbon, air-tight and breathable, and has been adopted on some of our other projects by such as the Fawley Passive House in Herefordshire.

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