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Mycelium construction materials

I have become fascinated by mycelium - the network of vegetative threads that aid fungi to decompose organic compounds.

It is becoming apparent that mycelium could have a huge part to play in decarbonising construction, regenerating waste, and reaching a circular economy. I hope we will see a bio-revolution of mycelium materials, and have been talking with a pioneering biomanufacturing company called Biohm about using their mycelium insulation in our flat-pack tiny home system Bayhous, as well as my own home.

Mycelium insulation from Biohm
Mycelium blocks from Biohm

Biohm won the Index Award for

"harnessing the unique and regenerative properties of fungi in developing carbon-negative, energy-efficient, naturally self-extinguishing and superior thermally insulating mycelium panels."

According to Biohm, their mycelium insulation panels are able to achieve

a thermal conductivity of 0.024W/m.K., surpassing the values that can be achieved by market leading but unsustainable materials such as glass fibre (0.032-0.044W/m.K.), mineral wool (0.032-0.044W/m.K), expanded polystyrene (0.036W/m.K) and extruded polystyrene (0.029-0.036W/m.K). Furthermore, as a natural materials, it is also safer and healthier as it does not contain the synthetic materials that cause the harmful toxic smoke and quick spread of flames during a fire.

At present, Biohm is on the cusp of having the world’s first accredited mycelium insulation and will soon be ready to start integrating them into houses, with the aim of insulating around 120 homes a month once the accreditation is in place. There are other companies all over the globe investigating how mycelium can be used in construction, as well as for furniture, clothes, packaging and regeneration schemes to name a few.

Stella McCartney's Mylo™️ garments created from vegan mushroom leather (source Stella McCartney)

Although in construction the use of mycelium is still experimental, its development indicates a desire for “cradle to cradle” processes, reduced embodied energy and zero waste. We desperately need to change they way we build, and I believe mycelium will show us the way. Interesting times are ahead!

Mycelium pavilion by The Living (source: Ilvy Bonnefin)


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