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Bayhous is almost ready!

Updated: May 1, 2020

GreenTrace Architect has been busy developing Bayhous: a flat pack kit of parts and design platform that enables people to design and build their own tiny spaces to suit a large variety of uses.

Digitally fabricated tiny home prototype

The kit of parts is designed to avoid the need for any cutting, measuring, drilling or difficult wet-trades; the entire building can be built in 2 days using only an alan key, and wooden mallet.  The easy and fun system creates considered, contemporary and high-performance spaces which can be transported in manageable parts and assembled (and disassembled) anywhere: in awkward back gardens, on trailers, inside offices, on a roof, at romantic getaways on remote hilltops! The Bayhous website is currently under construction but soon it will be up and running to hep people design and build their own tiny spaces. Watch this tiny space!

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