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Initial Consultation

At the outset of a project we offer an Initial Consultation. This typically takes place on site and is a great opportunity for us to meet each other, review the context and discuss the project and your brief in more detail. We can do some initial sketching with you on site to illustrate some ideas, and a direction for your project. The consultation takes about 2 hours and covers things like:

  • Review of plot/building - limitations and opportunities

  • Your requirements and ideas (the brief)

  • Our initial thoughts and design ideas sketched out

  • Planning risk and processes (including Listed Buildings and heritage context)

  • Timescales for the project

  • Project Budget and likely construction costs of different elements of work

  • Other Consultants required and likely costs

  • Managing risk - working with (or without) an Architect for the different work stages

  • Setting up a master plan / phasing of the project into stages

  • Builders vs Contractors - different contractual relationships and their implications


The consultation is not a conclusive design exercise - but rather a useful starting point to explore the potential options for your project. We will follow up with an email summarising our advice in respect of different aspects of the project (planning, cost, time etc) as well as a detailed Schedule of Fees for us to progress the project with you. We offer the consultation at £200+VAT, and this cost is discounted from our Stage 1 fee if you choose to proceed with us.

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