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Home Retrofitting and Remodelling

Lockdown has certainly encouraged many homeowners to consider remodelling their homes and GreenTrace Architect have been busy designing a selection of them over the past year or so. Undertaking construction of extensions, loft conversions and internal alterations also provides the opportunity to improve the energy performance of the house as a whole, as well as the sense of space and light. It is worth having a good think about these opportunities to future proof the home and to carry out the work when most convenient.

Retrofitting and remodelling of existing buildings is notoriously complex, and it important to consider the project holistically to ensure good performance and avoid any issues that may arise due to changes in the building environment and fabric such as air-tightness, ventilation, breathability and moisture control.

GreenTrace Architect can help you establish an energy retrofit action plan for your home that could be implemented over many phases. We carried out an action plan for remodelling and retrofitting of an end terrace house in Bristol. The action plan was featured on The Green Register's website here, and a PDF of the action plan table can be found below.

The clients found the plan very useful - helping them understand the various implications of different measures and establishing an overall improvement strategy for the house influenced by their budget and brief. They said:

"Josh is intuitive, generous, a very clear communicator and an excellent designer. He has helped us develop a whole house plan to decrease the carbon use of the house whilst improving the living spaces. He very carefully listened to our briefs, explained all costs clearly, and has been an excellent advisor on how to navigate this process. His design is thoughtful, beautiful and practical. Highly recommend."

If you are considering remodelling your home, you may find the Responsible Retrofit Guidance Wheel from the Sustainable Traditional Buildings Alliance a useful resource.

1005_Drummond Road_Retrofit Action Plan
Download • 362KB

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